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Command Tooling Repair Service

Our Repair and Service area is one of the essential components of our company's vision and philosophy.

All Dynamometers will be recalibrated in-house at Command Tooling in Ramsey, Minnesota. A recalibration fee will be assessed for all Dynamometers. An order will be executed only after a customer has approved the recalibration inspection and recalibration. Note: We will only recalibrate Command Tooling System's Dynamometers.

Below outlines the steps taken to complete your repair service:

  • Contact a Command Customer Service Representative for a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number by email at or by phone at 800-328-2197.

  • Command Distributor sends in Recalibration P.O. number to Command Tooling.

  • Upon receipt of Command Distributor's P.O. number, Command Tooling will inspect and recalibrate your Dynamometer.

  • The Dynamometer will be tested and measured for accuracy and will not leave our facility until it is 100% approved.

  • The Dynamometer will be returned. Standard delivery rates apply depending on your shipping address.

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