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Command Tooling Repair Service

Our Repair and Service area is one of the essential components of our company's vision and philosophy.

All URMA tooling repairs will be sent to URMA. The quoted costs are transparently stated and documented. An order will be executed only after a customer has approved the repair plan and costs. (Be aware that service is always a matter of trust, we have created a system that is transparent for customers and guarantees clear traceability at all times.)

Recognizing that service is always a matter of trust, we have developed a system that is visible to customers and provides complete traceability.

Below outlines the steps taken to complete your URMA repair service:

  • Contact a Command Customer Service Representative for a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number by email at or by phone at 800-328-2197.

  • If accepted, send URMA part to be repaired to Command Tooling Systems.

  • Customer sends in a P.O. number to Command Tooling Systems for URMA tooling evaluation (Inspection Fee to be included in P.O. submission).

  • Command Tooling Systems will inspect and take pictures (where necessary). A Repair Quote will be submitted for approval.

  • If your URMA tool IS NOT repairable, no Inspection Fee will be charged and you will be notified of the findings. 

  • If your UMRA tool IS repairable, a Repair Quote will be sent to you via your contact information.

  • Once the Repair Quote is approved by you, your tool will be sent to URMA.

  • The tool will be cleaned, spare parts installed, and tool reassembled – rebuilt to factory specifications and guaranteed to perform like new.

  • Your tool will be tested and measured for accuracy and will not leave our facility until it is 100% approved.

  • The tool will be returned. Standard delivery rates apply depending on your shipping address.

URMA Return Material Authorization Form

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